Sexualising my students mother

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
Sexualising my students mother

joey is my student from a top girls school in singapore. her mum becomes good friend with me and we had met regularly for drinks. one day she invited to her house after dinner (her hubbie was overseas and joey was in a camp).

as i entered, she greeted me at the door, dressed in a provocative white dress (something like a nite gown). her body contours were conspicuously visible and her shapely breasts were jus stunningly attractive.

it was obvious that she did not wear any bra as the nipples were protruding gently. her dress had huge open area at armpit which offered me great slight of the sides of her breasts, whenever she lifted her arms (while serving me drinks).

i tried very hard to ignore the distractions and we chatted like great pals. soon, the topic strayed to marriage and sex. she complained about her hubbie who hard is in town. she jokingly said she will be interested to be a part time lover. soon, she confided her loneliness and cried.

i comforted her. she hugged me tightly and pressed her body sexually against my body. i could feel her firm breasts and her nipples instantly erected. my cock also erected gradually.

she dropped her dress to the ground and offered her naked body to me. i lay her on the sofa and proceeded to licked her nipples with the sharp tip of my tongue. she moaned loudly as i moved to suck the breats interchangeably both right and left breasts.

she started to motioned to suck my cock which aroused fully and became totally hardened. she was desperate for sex and mounted my cock into her /wet/wet-vagina/">wet vagina. she sucked my nipples as i fucked her gently. she moaned louder and urged me to fuck her faster.

she was atop and rocked my cock confidently in total sexual enjoyment. i could feel my sperm gushing up. soon she moaned loudly and had her organsm. almost immediately, i exploded inside without any warning. my sperm overflowed and caused a sticky mess.

she was not bothered at all but just wanted my cock to remain inside. we hugged and remained naked for another few hours as we both fell asleep.

i was then awakened by her caressing. she had wanted a second round and managed to aroused my dick. to my /surprise/">surprise she performed an excellent blowjob and i shot another huge loads of sperm into her mouth. she swallowed some and spit some out. the sight of sperm dripping out of her mouth was a sexually arousing scene.

i was in heaven.

she begged me to keep our sexual liaison a secret.

why should i complain to have a part time lover who is willing to have xxx full sexual intercourse.

we met about once a fortnight when her porn videos download hubbie is overseas.

it is great to have an affair with /mother/sexy-mother/">sexy mother housewife. i constantly get aroused when i picture her naked body and shapely breasts.