A trick a Treat and an unknowing wife

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A trick a Treat and an unknowing wife

 Ive been married for a number of years to a very /hot/hot-sexy/hot-and-sexy/">hot and sexy woman, Marissa. Shes in her early 30s. Shes 54 105 pounds. She has dark brown hair and hazel eyes. She has a killer body. A nice /tight/tight-ass/">tight ass and 34 C titties. She has a nice, tight shaved pussy. Marissa was just starting to hit her sexual peak. Starting to get into more /kinky/kinky-sex/">kinky sex. Of course, I really enjoyed it. For whatever reason, I have always wanted to double team her with another guy. The thought of seeing another /guy/guy-fuck/">guy fuck her really turned me on. The only problem was that she has always refused even the thought. I know she checked other guys out, but didnt seem to alain lyle porn want to fuck them like I wanted to fuck every /hot/hot-chick/">hot chick I saw. I never gave up the dream though.

A guy that I knew, Bill, had a thing for Marissa. He was always hitting on her, always trying to get into her pants. He knew that she was married, but guys never take no for an answer. I saw the way Marissa looked at him, I thought he would be a guy shed fuck if we werent married. I wasnt jealous because I always thought it was hot having a wife that guys lusted for.

I privately spoke with Bill. Asked him if the wanted to fuck Marissa, of course he denied it, but I told him I was trying to get a 3 some going. He was quickly on board. The only problem as I explained to him, was she wasnt on board for fucking another guy or a 3some. So we dicussed it for days on ways to change her mind. We decided wed trick her. That was the only way.

Bill and I planned this out very well. We decided wed go to a /party/">party together. We went to a bar where we knew the owner. We convinced him to give us acesss to the private room in the back that had a bed. Marissa dressed up very sexy that night. She wore a short, plaid skirt, and for the /first-time/">first time ever she decided to go out with no panties on. She also wore a very tight white shirt with no bra. I joked with her "Who are you trying to impress tonight?" She said "You know how I am, I love to tease guys and Im just in a real playful mood tonight" I thought to myself, well that is good.

We walked into the dimly lit bar and it was fairly crowded. Bill noticed her right away. As did every guy in the place. She really stood out. I went up to the bar and got Marissa and me some drinks. I figured a little alcohol wouldnt hurt this process at all. Bill walked up to her right away and immediately began flirting with her. She smiled but as usual shot him down. he walked away and I gave her first drink. After several drinks, indian santali xvideo she was feeling it. And by it, she was starting to get hot and horny. We walked into the darkest corner of the bar and continued to drink. Bill walked up while I was there and began talking again. Marissa was much more friendly this time. Bill put her arm around Marissa and for the first time she didnt throw it off. She didnt seem to mind. I walked away for a minute to give them a few minutes alone. Bill slide his hand down to Marissa tight ass and left in there. He gave it a quick squeeze. She didnt seem to mind, but still didnt seem to buy into him yet. I walked back to the table and bill left to get more drinks.

Marissa was very horny by this point, "Lets leave and go home. I want to fuck you" I told her, "we dont have to leave, there is a back room." She immediately became excited. "Led the way," she told me. I did and she followed. I gave the thumbs up sign to Bill and he followed.
Marissa and I walked into the darked, prepared room. Bill stayed outside the door. Marissa immediately began kissing me and rubbing my cock. I slid my hands up her short skirt and squezzed her /ass/sexy-ass/">sexy ass. Her ass felt sooo good. I grabbed a blindfold that we had placed there and put it around Marissa. "what is this?," Marissa said. "Shut up Marissa," I moved her to a wall that had restraints and tied her up. So far so could. Her hands were tied up but she had freedom of her legs. I turned up the music so she couldnt hear what was going on in the room. I opened the door, let Bill in, then closed and locked it.

I walked up to Marissa, I ripped open her top, exposing her 34 C breasts. Her nipples were extremely hard. Bill was right behind me. I let him start sucking on her nipples. Marissa had no idea that it wasnt me. I stood by and watched Bill suck and lick her nipples. It was driving Marissa /crazy/">crazy. She absolutely loved it! Bill moved up and started kissing her neck and then stuck his tongue in her mouth. She was really into the kiss. Still thinking it was me though. Bill stopped, and pulled up her skirt. Staring at her pussy, he looked at me and I gave him the nod. He lifted her up and wrapped her legs around his head. He began licking her pussy. She began to moan loud. She was still enjoying it. She screamed loud has she had her first orgasm. "Please untie me" I told her "not yet Marissa" Bill pulled down his pants, exposing his rock /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock. He slide his cock into her pussy. It was finally happening, I was watching Marissa get fucked, but she had no idea. She keep screaming, "Tony, fuck me, harder, faster". Bill continued to rail her. After several minutes Bill stopped.

We untied Marissa, but I told her only if she kept the blind fold on. Marissa got on all fours, I stood in front of her and put my cock in her mouth. Bill came next to me and started playing with her titties. She still didnt know there were 2 of us in the room playing with her. I pulled my cock out of her mouth. It was now or never. I decided it was time to both fuck Marissa at the same time.

I grabbed the lube that I had set aside and lubed up her tight little /asshole/">asshole. I lubed up my cock. Before I slide my cock into her, we position Marissa the right way. Bill got underneath Marissa and slide is cock into her pussy. She was on top. I got behind her and slowly slide my cock into her. Marissa screamed, "OMG, what is going on." She ripped her blindfold off and saw Bill in front of her and turned and saw me behind her. "Tony, what the fuck is going on here?" I slapped her ass, told her to shut up and started fucking her ass while Bill was /pussy/pussy-fuck/fucking-her-pussy/">fucking her pussy. For the time being, she shut up and took both cocks. She moaned louder than I ever heard her before. "Oh fuck me boys, /fucking/hard-fucking/fuck-me-hard/">fuck me hard, I want both your cocks in my pussy!" Bill and I never thought about the DP in her pussy. We never discssed it. I pulled out of her ass and eased into her pussy. 2 cocks were now filling up her pussy.

As both cocks were in her pussy, she continued to moan. The more we fucked her the louder she moaned. She was cumming over and over. Her pussy was dripping and she let out a huge loud scream of pleasure as she gushed out her pussy juices....2 cocks in her pussy made her squirt! She never had done that before. "I want both you asshole to /pussy/pussy-cum/cum-in-my-pussy/">cum in my pussy" We continued to fuck her and she continued to squirt. Finally, we gave her one last hard thrust and we both exploded in her pussy. As we finished, she was shaking from so many orgasms. We pulled our cocks out of her, our cum dripping from her pussy.

She slide her fingers into her pussy, got a finger full worth of our cum and then licked the cum off her fingers. "hmmmm. you boys taste good, we need to do this again soon." And that was that. We got dressed and went home. She gave thanks to me by sucking my cock the entire drive home. and told me shed get even by giving me another girl.