A First for her part2

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A First for her part2

At the start of the day you were sure that you would not let anyone fuck you until you were married. You were 'saving it” until your wedding day! A little rubbing a little sucking and licking a little jerking him off and him sucking your nipples and pussy until both of you shot off like rockets each having your sex licked until you orgasm made you feel so good! But now with your entire body throbbing with desire and your pussy actually hurting from your multiple oral climaxes, you not sure any more. You know how his fingers and tongue felt as they slowly pumped into at first. But, when your back arched and your body took over lifting your ass up off the bed and your hips rocked against his love making, you actually scre0amed out as the orgasms hit you back to back! Now as his /cock/thick-cock/">thick cock head pressed against your wide-/hole/hole-pussy/open-pussy-hole/">open pussy hole, you wonder just how good you can feel. Like a drug the sex has takes you higher and higher. Each thing that he did to your body has made you feel better than the last one. 

Made you want to put his entire face and head into your pussy. God you wanted something in your /pussy/pussy-hole/">pussy hole to stop it aching so badly! If you were home in your room you could use your hairbrush but now here in his hotel room, al you could feel is this thick cock head pressing against your hole. You wonder if you should let him just put the head inside you to relieve the pressure. His lips tongue and mouth had made you fuck his face like an animal in heat! Never have you gone off like you did with him work on your body! And now he tells you that fucking is even better. Five times better he tells you! Can you stand that? Unknown! Can you not try and see just how good his cock can make you feel. After all most woman now a days are not real virgins when they get married! Most have had at least one other cock and their pussy and you know this day will be a one-time thing. You may even learn things that will help you when you do get married. You'll never know if your husband is a real virgin. 

There's no way of telling with guys. Plus you can always tell him you broke it playing sports or from a fall when you were a little kid. And you are so wondering how it will feel! What will it fell like. God how can it feel better than his tongue and fingers? Will it hurt when he breaks your cherry! And then just how good will your body feels with this guy's thick /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock fucking you like a piston? You imagine it going in and out, in and out, in and out of your so wanting to be fucked pussy and it takes your breath away! God he has given you the best orgasms you have ever had. You feel his tongue licking up your neck and kiss your ear! You hear him whisper: ”Now I'm going to fuck you! And it is going to make you feel so good baby! You'll love it. Here, let me put just the head in and see how you like it! Try it baby!” While your brain tells you know, your body screams YES!! for his cock to be inside your /fucking/pussy-fucking/">pussy fucking you brains out and sending you into paradise!! As he moves up over your body you feel his hardness between your legs against pressing against your wet warm pussy. 

You can feel his heat, his hardness! OH fuck what are you going to do? You reach down between your legs and feel his cock. You feel the heat in your hand and oh fuck he is so hard! So hard! Your hand squeezes it and you hear him moan again for you to put just the head in! He tells you: ”Guide it in baby! Put my /fat/">fat swollen cock head in the door of your /sweet/">sweet open /pussy/pussy-cum/cum-dripping-pussy/">cum dripping pussy!” You feel it against your opening and hold it there rubbing it up and down your slit. You hesitate and he takes your hand and rubs the head up and down harder your open slit! The head actually moves inside the hole just a little. It feels so wonderful! He licks your nipple and then comes back up and you both look between your bodies and you hear him telling you: ”Yes baby! That's it, put the head in and try it. I'll do the rest! Just let me put the head in and you can see how good it feels!” You are in a dream world as you keep rubbing his thickness up and down your pussy!

 His cock head moves slowly up and down your slit and then he begins to rub it around your /hard/hard-clit/">hard clit! OH GOD!! With your legs spread wide open and his body over you, it's just like your dream. Your lover on top of you popping your cherry and slowly fucking you into what you know is going to be the best and the biggest orgasm you have ever had. OH YES!! Just like you dreamed of, you have your legs open wide and he lies between them pumping his cock in and out of your pussy! Umm it's so good! And just like your dream, as you cum you will wrap your legs around him locking your feet behind his back and fuck him hard! And just like in your dream, you will use your beautiful young body to lift both of you up of the bed as you pump into his cock like a machine! OH YES! ! IT WAS SUCH A NICE DREAM! AND YOU REMEMBER HOW GOOD! HOW DAM GOOD IT FELT! OHH!! SO DAM GOOD! And finally you know that just like your dream, both your bodies will work together so to achieve their climax together! Oh yes, it's happening just like your dream! You sigh loudly as you realized you have no choice! You have to know how this thick hard cock will feel inside you! You have to know if dreams come true! And you have to know NOW!! You can't wait. Hell it will be years before you are going to get married! Years!! Maybe never! You can't wait!! Oh god your body is out of control as your hand rubs his cock faster around your pussy! GOD it feels good and it's not in you yet!! Fucking him is all you can think about now! You want him so fucking /bad/">bad! You got to have him in your body and you have to have him in there all the way.

 Every fucking inch of his /cock/big-cock/">big cock has to go inside your pussy! NOW! You want to hear his balls slapping against your ass as you lock your beautiful legs around his body and drive your cunt up into him meeting his every thrust! You want to meet each thrust he makes into your pussy as hard as you can! Oh yes! You have to have him now! You want nothing else! Nothing but to know how feels as he thrusts his hard cock deep into your pussy! You have to take all of his manhood as deep as you can get it into your body! You are going mad with desire as you rub the /big/big-cocks/big-cock-head/">big cock head up and down your wet slit getting it wetter and lubricated with your own juices. Now as you guide the head it moves ” way into your opening spreading your opening and you know this is right! It's good and it's warm and it's filling your opening like no fucking hairbrush or finger has ever filled you. It is making you feel - - OH god!!- - - it's making you feel so fucking great all ready! 

You feel him push his hips gently into you and the cock head moves a little deeper, 3/4 of the head is now inside your opening. No pain yet but just some stretching. He tells you to lift your ass and you do. He holds your legs up around your thighs and your lips open wider as he thrust gently again and you feel it! The cock head is almost inside you! Your brain cries out: ”Oh Yes!” He drives his hips forward again and you feel it all slip in His head is entirely inside you now. He lifts your lower body higher and he pushes again making the cock head now press against your hem. He holds your legs up by putting his upper arms under your thighs and holding your ass with his hands high, almost over your head! You feel him back his cock out of your hole just a little. 

You moan wondering if he is going to pull all the way out and you begin to protest! But, he tells you: ”Now this is going to hurt a little but seconds later you are going to feel so good baby! I want you to begin rubbing your clit real fast for me.” You do exactly what he tells you and rub your clit fast as you can with your fingers. You send thrills all over you body as you rub. He rotates his hip moving his cock head all around inside your opening making it stretch a little wider for both of you! Your fingers rubbing you clit and his big cock head inside your pussy rotating around is driving you /crazy/">crazy! He asks: ”Are you ready?” You look him in the yes and hoarsely say: ”Do it! Do it baby! Break it and fuck me! Oh god!! Do it now! I want to feel you all the way inside me.” Before you can take another breath you feel him thrust his body hard into yours and you feel a popping sound along with a small twinge of pain between your legs! You cry out as he thrust again and ” of his cock slides into you! OMG! You can feel it, as he completely filling your pussy stretching the walls with his thick cock! You moan as he slowly pulls back and takes ” of his cock out of your hole before pushing more of it back into you. Again and again he moves it in and then backs ” of it out. Then in and out each time putting a little more of his wonderful cock into your cunt hole. OH YES! This is what you wanted! What your body craved for! 

Your brain screams with joy! The pleasure is unbelievable. Your body begins to react to the feeling as your hips slowly begin to pump up in time with his moments. He thrust one last time and your bodies touch! Yes!! Oh yes! He is now full inside your pussy! All of his wonderful cock is deep in your body and you can feel it stretching the walls of your sweet virgin pussy! He looks down at you and kisses you. He asks: ”How does it feel Tru? Do you like it baby? I told you it was good” Your throw your arms around his neck and pull him down on top of you. Kissing him hard you slam your tongue into his mouth as his hips never stop moving! His cock now slides much easier in and out of your pussy as your body's juices lubricate both the walls of your pussy and the shaft of his cock! Yes! It's good! No it's great no that's the correct word either! It's wonderful, no. It's fantastic, NO! It's even more that you had ever imagined a feeling could be! There are no words to describe it! Oh god! It's pure heaven! You”re thinking, oh fuck yes this is unbelievable!! Your ass begins bouncing both of you up off the bed as your hips and ass both begin thrusting up into him! Your brain is crying out: ”Oh fuck me baby! Faster, Fuck me faster! Do me faster! OH YES!! Fuck ME !!! Ohhhhh!” You look up into his face and whisper: ”Faster! Do it faster baby!! OH GOD!! YES!! Just like that! Mumm! Oh god it feels so good” His cock is controlling all of your body as he fucks you steadily now. As you lift your body up again and again fucking him back now you can feel your orgasm start working! He knows you are close and he increases his speed and the hardness of his thrusts. 

You take a deep breath and gasps as your body begins to orgasm with such force you can't control anything. You cry out as your hips move on its own. Your sex has taken over now like some animal instinct deep inside you!! He was so right! OH god there's no other feeling in the world like this one! Nothing is better than this, it can't be! This is the pure sexual feeling he has been telling you about! It's like a dream for both of you! God he is flying in and out of your pussy now! He is moving like some magical man fucking your body like a machine, like there's nothing else in the whole world but his big cock and your sweet /cunt/tight-cunt/">tight cunt! OH yesssssssssssss! Paridise! Fucking paridise!! Your head is touched back and your mouth is open again as you try to cry out but no sound is coming out of your mouth! The only sound is the slapping of his balls against your ass, just like in your dream! The sloshing sound of his piston cock pumping in and out of your eager and wanting pussy!!! And then when you think you'll go insane with your wanting, you begin cumming! It begins gushing out of your pussy as you lift and hold your ass up off the grinding and rotate your hips moving your pussy around and around and around on his hard cock shaft which full hd xvideo download continues to pump into your body! Just like when you fuck yourself with the hairbrush, only his cock is so much bigger and so much thicker and so much further up inside your hole! You yell up at him now: ”YES!! OH FUCK YES BABY!!” He smiles down at you and just as you are about to finish your climax, he lifts your legs higher yet. He has your knees over your head now and is pumping down into your hole with his magnificent cock! Man he is going crazy now!! You know somehow that he is going to cum soon! He has too, he has been fucking you for more than you could imagine! 

He has his head thrown back now as his hips thrust and thrust his big cock into your pussy hole as he holes your legs over your head. As you are almost bent in half now he buries his cock deep inside your body!! Deeper than you have ever felt anything before. You know another orgasm is going to hit you any second!! A cry comes from your lips: ”Oh yes baby! Fuck me!! Oh yes!! Oh fuck yes! Harder!! Harder!! Do me harder!!” The grunting from both of you is the only thing either is saying! His cock rams into you now and you can't get enough of it! His cock is as thick as it has ever been. Your pussy squeezes it as tight as you can each time it pumps into your hole. When he puss out it gets harder and thicker God how big is his cock you wonder? How big has he made my pussy hole? OMG He feels so good! In and out in and out he pumps your cunt over and over again filling you so good. Oh fuck, both of you are wild and acting like animals fucking in the jungle! Nothing else in the world is there but his big cock and you open pussy! Together your bodies pound into one another! The sound of fucking fills the room! Both of you will cum like you have never done before. 

He feels your pussy tighten and knows you are about to cum again in just a few seconds. But, he doesn't want this to end. He never wants this to end. All he wants to do is pump your pussy as long, hard and as fast as he can! Forever! Until he dies from a heart attack all he ants to do is fuck you! All you want is for his cock to continue to build your passion higher and higher! Al you want is his thick cock making you feel so good! All you want is for him to fuck you until you die! And, so when he begins to talk to you with his deep breathless voice, you listen to what he tells you and you do exactly what he tells you! All you want is to continue to experience the bliss and pure joy his cock is providing your body and mind. Never ending lust and passion fills both of you as he bits your nipple drawing a little blood in his passion. Your teeth marks are showing free porn movies download on his shoulders and fingers dig into his back as you hold him now and ram your cunt up into him as he slams down into you!