Helping A Soldier

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Helping A Soldier

*** This story is about my ; she wanted me write this in 1st person so I obliged.

About 2 years ago my boyfriend's (Justin) brother (Adam) was deployed to Afghanistan. He's a Marine so we knew that he would probably be seeing some heavy combat. After dinner that last night he was home I was trying to think of something to say, about how I am proud that he is going to serve our country. I asked him what I could do for him and he said, and I quote, " When I get back I want to fuck you. Let me do anything to you."

Needless to say I was quite taken aback. I expected Justin to be outraged at the thought of his older brother fucking his girlfriend but he had an evil glint in his eye. He wanted to film the thing!!! I eventually gave in, my conscience not letting me deny somebody who could possibly die for me any request. I hadn't given it much thought until a month ago when Justin told me that Adam was coming home from Iraq.

He went out to buy a camera because "I had to fulfill my patriotic duty." The weeks went by and just last Saturday Adam came home. We were having dinner at his parents' house to celebrate his return and before I knew it midnight had rolled around. We said goodbye to his parents and drove to our place. Adam was getting kind of antsy and when we got to the bedroom he started to give a little speech, all the while ripping off my clothes.

"You have no idea how long I've waited for this. Ever since I was deployed I just kept thinking about coming home so that I could fuck you. My little brother doesn't deserve to get to keep this pussy all to himself. Tonight, bitch, I am going to dominate you. You will do everything I say, when I say it. I don't care if you don't get off, all I care about is my dick in your little pussy, and maybe some other places."

I was fully naked by then and I was actually kind of yet I was already turning wet. Justin never speaks that way to me in bed! We didn't bother with ; he didn't even want a blow job! Once he had rid himself of his clothes he shoved his dick right into my pussy and Justin started filming.

He wasn't telling any lies when he gave that speech. Adam thrust his cock in fast and hard and it wasn't long before I was yelling out incoherent phrases. Adam was definitely better than his brother! I was on my back and kept wanting to arch up but he wouldn't let me. He held me down, occasionally putting his fingers in my mouth so that I could suck them.
I kept on yelling out, mainly a lot of "Oh yeahs!"s. Adam's eyes were so intense while were fucking. Every time I'd say something he'd pump harder and stare harder. He started saying things like, "Do you like that, whore?" and "What, Justin not good enough for you?" These only managed to make me even slicker and kept me begging for more. He even started to laugh, somewhat maniacally and all the while I would be begging for more.

Eventually I came for the and Adam decided that he wanted a change of position. He pulled out and pushed my legs over my head, telling me to hold it that way. My pussy sticking straight out, he got over me and placed his dick in. He was facing away from me so I couldn't see anything but I could definitely feel it! He pumped his dick in, faster and harder, trying to achieve that maximum angle. Apparently he was liking this position that much so he turned around.

With my legs still over my head he spat into my pussy which almost made me cum. He rubbed my pussy then put his dick back and started to thrust. However he felt like he was getting ready to come so he pulled out and came up to my face. Adam shoved his dick in my mouth and I started to blow him. He didn't like this one bit, so he took it out and started to slap my face with it.
"I didn't tell you to suck my dick, did I bitch! I want you to deep throat it!"

I'd only deep throated Justin a couple of times; it's not one of my favorite things to do but I did as I was told. He blew his load in my throat and I swallowed it all. I loved it!!! Cum had never tasted so good! Looking back, I think I even called him baby at this point but who cares. After he came he took his dick out and started slapping my face again with it and thrusting his balls into my mouth. I eagerly licked at them before he started to deep throat me again. At this point I didn't care what he did, I was in it for the long haul.
Adam then decided that he wanted to ride me so he turned me on my stomach. After slapping my ass a couple of times "to see it jiggle" he thrust into me again. From the back he held my hair and I told him to . He lovingly obliged, going harder, until he pushed me flat on the bed and held me down, still thrusting his throbbing cock into my slick pussy.

Adam kept slapping my ass, and each time he would go faster. I started to come again xnxxv sunny leone video so he started to slap my ass harder. When I did come he yanked my head back, "Did I tell you you could cum bitch!" His berating me only made me come harder.

He came about a minute later and then decided that another change in position was in order. Getting on his back he impaled me on his dick, me facing the camera and ordered me to ride him while stroking his balls. I willingly obliged, wanted his cock to fill me all the way. However he noticed in the mirror that I was playing with my clit also and got angry.
"What did I tell you?! This isn't about you, this about me fucking the shit out of you!"

Moving my hands away he started to thrust upwards, very hard while holding me back by the hair. When he decided that I had had enough he let me up with a smack of the ass and told me to ride him again. I did but much slower since I was starting to get sore. He pulled me back by the hair but I still rode him, like the obedient whore I was. Adam then stuck his fingers into my pussy as well which sent me over the edge again. Finally he came again and I thought we were done.

I was laying on the bed getting ready to go take a shower when Adam pulled something from his pocket. Looking closer I realized that it was lubricant and started to get scared. He wanted to me, which I have never EVER wanted to do. Seeing the look on my face he just repeated what he had said all night.

"I told you I was going to dominate you and fuck you into oblivion. I even said I was going to fuck you in other places besides your pussy. Now lube that ass up!"
He gave me some lubricant and I started rubbing it all around in my asshole, feeling totally humiliated. Adam was rubbing some on his dick, which was already standing at attention, just like it's Marine owner. While I was getting ready he stuck his other fingers in my mouth, and started smiling at me in almost maniacal way.
"Do you like that? Am I you've ever had? Yeah? I am going to break you!"

With that he pulled me over and flipped me on my stomach. Smacking my ass (again) he started to push his dick into my hole. It hurt so fucking much but felt so good at the same time! I felt like he was going to real forced anal against her will tear my body in half! He started out slowly enough, which was amazingly rare considering how harsh he had been all night. But then he shoved it in hard and continued to assault from behind, never letting up. We rolled over to the side and he pulled my head back (again) and continued to thrust fast and hard, making my whole body ache.
Getting tired of that position he pulled out and rolled over on his back. I took this as my cue to get on top of him and he guided his dick back into my hole. Harder and faster he went, slapping my ass and biting my tits until eventually he came, IN MY ASS!!! This was the weirdest feeling I have ever felt but at least it had stopped hurting and was starting to feel pretty damn good. He then continued his upward assault and started to yell out again. I never knew being fucked in the ass could be so wonderful!

Eventually he came again and decided that he wanted to fuck from behind, again. So we changed positions and , again. I was beginning to get the feeling that this was his favorite thing to do. Adam continued to fuck me until I was begging for mercy. He got that look on his face again and started to go harder, making me scream. That didn't last long, however, and he started to get erratic. Feeling that he was going to come I started to prepare myself mentally for it but then he pulled out.

Coming up to my face he started to jack off, wanting a cum shot. I swallowed every drop that I could catch and continued to slap my face with his dick, another one of his favorite things to do. When he was all out he just got up and said, ", whore." Then he took the tape from Justin, who had been filming the whole time and told us it was going on the Internet.
Up until last week I had never had such great sex or such humiliating sex. However, I would do it all over again because, after all, we have to pay out boys back somehow.