Joys Trip To Cancun Part 3

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Joys Trip To Cancun Part 3

The Background

In October Joy and I took a vacation to Cancun. I had never been there before but Joy had gone a couple of years before we met with her ex-husband. Her first visit there was fairly conventional, with a couple of trips to the downtown market, trying several of the more popular restaraunts, and taking a couple of day tours. She was already planning out our vacation so that we got to see as much as possible while we were there. We had been having trouble with our relationship lately and we were hoping this trip away from the kids and life would help to rekindle some of what seemed to be missing. Sex had become somewhat infrequent and only when we had time. 

Let me give you a little background on both of us. Joy was raised in a very propper and conventional family enviroment. She was born 2nd of twin sisters. She always weighed more than her twin sister so she always felt uncomfortable about her weight. When they were in high school and running around with all of their friends, everybody else was allways getting laid while she always felt like a fifth wheel. It wasn't that she wasn't fooling around, it was mostly with guys that got really drunk and then only oral play. But she really didn't date much. She mostly /hung/">hung out with her sister's on-and-off boyfriend, Rick, because the girls would all go do girly things and Joy and Rick would go to car shows and other stuff. Rick was really the only person that Joy fooled around with sexually when she was younger. The /first-time/">first time she ever had sex was with her first husband and she said it was never anything to write home about. Most of the orgasms she had were the result of her own doing. 

When we first met she would cum just from me entering her and wanted it over and over again. She is truly the only woman who has ever sucked my dick and was able to go all the way down! It drove me /crazy/">crazy and she knew it. Sex with Joy is still really great, when it happens. We have been together now for four years. We are both 40 and have 5 kids between us from previous relationships. Joy is 5' 5", beautiful long wavy blonde hair, blue eyes, and she weighs around 230lbs. She carries her weight proportionately. I would describe her as stocky. She played softball most of her life so her muscles are definately developed. Her legs are smooth, beautiful and allways tan. She keeps her pussy smooth shaven for me almost all of the time. She has the cutest little chubby feet(size 6 4e) with perfect little short toes. Her tits are not what you would usually see on a bigger girl. They are between B and C cup which is the perfect size in my eyes. Her hands are small with cute short chubby fingers. She leaves me breathless. She is very uncomfortable with her body. She only shows herself in a bathing suit for very brief periods. And then she covers up as soon as possible. She prefers sex in the dark and usually only in our bedroom. She just has the attitude that she doesn't want to gross anybody out which she knows upsets me. 

The following is just one of the true stories from our trip to cancun. As the days progressed, the stories become longer as a result of us being less inhibited. Be sure to get all six stories, we wouldn't want you to miss out on a single moment. Not all of the facts were completely clear(thanks to alchohol) but I tried to recall everything to the best of my abilty. Regargless, everything I'm writing happened. It was only six days but we had a blast!


Cancun Day Three

I awoke to the sound of a knock at the door. I heard the maid say something in spanish so I assumed that it was time for them to clean our room. I rolled over to wake Joy and found a note on the pillow that said "Meet you at the pool". I looked at the clock and it was already 11:00. I must have been tired. I put on my trunks, left a dollar on the nightstand for the maids as we always did, and headed for the pool. As I slid past the maids cart, I smiled at both of them and headed down toward the elevators. I could hear them say something to each other and then giggle loudly as I walked away. I didn't think much about it but later I figured it was because Joy was becoming pretty popular with the staff.

I got off of the elevator and stopped by the restaraunt to get a cup of coffee. I sat at one of the tables along the glass wall facing the pool to drink it and wake up a bit. I scanned the pool area to look for Joy and saw her sitting in a lounge chair along the sea wall facing towards the ocean. Actually, it was the same chair she had sat in for the last couple of days. I couldn't get a good look at her, but I could tell that it was her hair hanging over the end of the chair. There were only a few people at the pool today and the chairs were occupied only sparsly, but all of the chairs around Joy had men sunning in them. I'm suspected that I knew why. I finished my coffee and headed out to the pool with a semi-/hard/hard-dick/">hard dick already.

As I walked by the towel hut I saw Hector. He said," Hola! How is your morning?". "I must have been tired because I overslept." I conveyed back. "Hey, you're on vacation, right? It's all about having fun. I see that Joy is a fine example of that." he said. We smiled at each other and I headed toward Joy's lounge chair. 

As I walked up to her I realized that she was sunbathing topless. She had on the bottoms to the two piece tankini I had bought her, but didn't have the top on. She looked so sexy, and I obviously wasn't the only one who thought so. The guys on either side of her had their heads turned towards her try to act like they were tanning, but I could tell that their eyes were slightly opened staring at Joy's tits and mostly naked body. Her nipples were very hard and she was arching her back slightly so I figured that she must have known they were checking her out. I walked up to her chair and leaned over the end and kissed her on the forehead. She raised up and said,"Hola, baby! You finally got up, huh?" She seemed to be in a great mood. "I must have been beat," I replied. "Why don't you get something to drink and get some sun," she said. I nodded but noticed that there weren't and chairs near her to sit so I went over to the bar, got a drink, and sat at the edge of the pool facing Joy's chair dangeling my legs in the water.

The guys that were sitting on either side of Joy were striking conversation and I saw that she was responding. They would talk and then laugh every once in awhile. A couple of chairs down was a black guy that stood up and strolled down towards Joy to join in the conversation. He looked like a football player, maybe 6' 5", 270lbs or so. He was wearing a speedo and even though I assumed that he was probably soft, he had a huge buldge in the crotch of his bikini suit. He sat at the end of Joys chair and I saw that she had to spread her legs to give him enough room to sit down. I'm sure he was getting a good view of her. They all talked and laughed for awhile. I saw Joy stretch with her arms way above her head, straightening her legs and body out straight as she did and rested her feet on the black guys lap. She did it very casually like it was no big deal. She had to keep her knees spread far apart to keep her feet in place. I could tell as they chatted and laughed that she was using her toes to trace the outline of his cock. Man, was my dick hard now! I had to lean over slightly to keep it from being obvious. Speaking of hard dick, Joy's toe fondleing was haveing somewhat of an affect on the black guy's cock. The head was starting to creep out through the top of his waistband. Joy was trying not to be obvious, but I could see her using her big toe to lightly rub the bulbous purple head that was starting to show itself. He waited until someone said something funny, and while everyone was laughing he repositioned his cock back into his suit, as best as he could with the size of his monster, and gently grabbed Joy's foot and placed it right on his crotch directly against his swollen cock. I could tell that she was likeing this little footplay she was doing. By the way his cock was swelling, I could tell he liked it too! 

I was just finishing my drink when Joy stood up and headed over towards me. The whole group got up with her and headed over, following her and checking out her ass and saying something to each other. There were six of them, including Joy. "Hey pokey, what cha doin?" she said. She sat down next to me. "I've made some new friends for us to party with. These guys are all from England on vacation." she explained. "Hi-ya mate!" one of the white guys said. They all had sunglasses on but it was obvious that they were staring at Joy as her bare breasts bounced as she sat down. She wasn't trying to cover them up and was not being shy about sticking them out as she stretched. I could't believe this was the same woman. Maybe it was because she had told me that noone ever checked her out back home and she was probably loving this attention that she had never received before. I'm not sure, but I know one thing...her nipples never get that hard unless she is really turned on.

"Your beautiful wife has been telling us about your lives back in the states and what you like to do." the black guy said. I replied," Oh yeah?" Joy smiled back at me. "She was curious about about England and we were all just about to FILL HER IN!" He said as they all slightly chuckled. I explained that Joy was my girlfriend and we hadn't gotten married as of yet. The waitress interupted to ask if they/we all wanted another shot. "Of what?" I asked. Joy leaned over and touched her lips to mine as she said," Mezcal.". I could smell the alchohol on her breath and it seemed strong enough to indicate that she had probably had a few. The funny thing is, she rarely drinks when we are at home. Neither of us do. The guys ordered doubles for us all and the waitress scurried away to retrieve our drinks. Joy said," Sitting here on the edge kinda makes my back hurt," as she slid down into the water facing me and placing her arms on my legs and her back to the guys in the pool. The black guy didn't hesitate in saying," I play alot of sports back home and I know a little about massage therapy. Let me give you a hand.". He came up behind Joy and began rubbing her shoulders. She started to melt onto my lap, leaning forward letting her legs float back behind her. The other guys started talking to me about England. I assumed it was to get my mind off of Joy and their buddy. I played along.

We talked about the differences and similarities of our cultures. Most of it was just banter with no precise point. Just casual conversation. I would look down at Joy every once in awhile to see her enjoying her body rub. The black guy had moved to her lower back and I could occasionally hear her moan in pleasure. I noticed that he had his crotch pressed tightly against her ass and it appeared she was pushing her ass back against him. Our drinks arrived and we all took a glass. We toasted to /women/sexy-women/">sexy women and drank our shots. It was pretty smooth but burned when it hit bottom. We had ordered one too many and before we could decide who was going to drink it Joy tipped it up and it was gone. She moved off of my lap and over next to me and folded her arms along the deck of the pool and layed her head down and closed her eyes. Her massage therapist moved with her, keeping his body tight up against her still rubbing her lower back. I glanced down into the water towards their feet and saw something black in the water along the bottom. I couldn't tell but it looked like her suit bittons were down around one of her ankles and her legs were spread. I didn't want to react or cause a scene so I pretended not to notice. I also knew that even if there was harmless groping going on under the water, that would be all that happened because this guy was way too big to fit inside her, especially under the water. Joy and I had sex a hot tub once before and it doesn't go in easily under the water. Besides, I was enjoying the game.

We chatted for the next few minutes until the next round of drinks arrived. Joy had definately had enough so I offered to drink hers and all agreed that I needed to catch up. As I drank my second shot I heard Joy let out a soft "Yelp" and a moan. All of the guys faces froze and that's when I realized that the black guy had been masturbating Joy under the water. She continued to moan and the only people smiling were the black guy and Joy. I think that his buddies were afraid I might start some shit until they saw me smile and say, "Cool!". We all laughed together. That is all of us except Joy. She was too busy cumming. She came for at least a minute or so and when she was finished he helped her put her foot back through the leg opening of her suit and pulled her bottoms back up and looked up at me not sure what to do or say. "It's pretty tight, huh?" I said with a smile. They all laughed outloud with relief because they weren't relly sure how I was going to react since they all knew what was going on and weren't sure if I could see from my point of view. "Fuckin' bloody hell yes! I've been with all size girls, even bigger girls than her and she has the tightest pussy of any that I've seen!" the black guy said. We all laughed outload including Joy, even though she didn't raise her head off of her arms. The black guy was more comfortable in his activities and was now reaching around her rubbing her tits under the water.

I said," Are you ok, sweetie?". Without raising her head she just slurred," Suurrrreeee!". We all laughed again. One of the guys said that maybe she had enough to drink and needed to go lay down before she passed out. I agreed. It's funny, like I said neither of us really drink normally. We sure seem to be putting it away down here in Mexico. I asked where her top was and one of the guys immediately got up out of the water and went over to the lounge chairs and got it and brought it over. He asked if he could help her put it on and I said ok. He tried to put it on her but she resisted and instead of letting him she took her bottoms off and flung them up on the pool deck. She got up out of the water and started to head for the hotel...completely naked! Hector saw what was going on and grabbed a towel and wrapped it around her. I heard him say," Easy now Joy! You don't want everyone getting a nice view of your beautiful body, do you?". Joy almost melted in his arms. He looked over at me and said," You want me to take her up to your room?". I wasn't ready to lay down and the thought of him groping her on the way up turned me on so I agreed and they disappeared into the hotel.

I sat and chatted with the guys and made plans to go out for a drink with them later that night if they were around. Several minutes passed before I noticed a line building at the towel hut to return their towels and get their towel cards back. Hector had not come back down yet to wait on the guests that were now getting impatient. He finally appeared, at least a half an hour after they left. He yelled over to me,"She's ok. I LAID her down!" and then began to laugh. I was sure that he had fooled around with her. He began waiting on guests and chatting on his cell phone. I know he had the hots for Joy. I thought I would hang out at the pool for a few and then go and see what the results of their visit in the room was.

I was still chatting with what was left of the guys at the pool. The black guy had gotten bored without Joy there and left. A couple others must have gotten enough sun and had also left. I stayed and ordered another drink by myself as the pool was starting to clear out. There were many guys who would walk by the pool and say hi, I just figured they were either being friendly, or they had seen some of Joy's escapades. I finished my drink, grabbed Joy's suit and started to head up to our room. As I got up near the towel hut Hector was chatting on his phone but signaled to me to hold for a second. I waited until he finished his call. "Sorry about that, but I wanted to let you know before you went upstairs that we didn't make it up to your room. Joy thought she might get sick if she went on the elevator so I put her in my room on the first floor. She passed out shortly after I laid her down. The truth is, I did play around with her a little, but she passed out before anything could happen. I milf porn videos just wanted to be honest with you."he explained. "It's ok, I appreciate your honesty." I said, "What room is it?". "Room 103, the door is unlocked so go and get her whenever you want." Hector said. As I walked away he shouted with a smile,"How about a raincheck?". I smiled back.

I stopped by Hectors room to check on Joy and found the door wide opened and her laying spread eagle on his bed with cum leaking out of her and her pussy looked swollen and red. The first thing I thought was why would Hector lie to me knowing that I really didn't mind, that is until I heard the toilet flush in the bathroom. As the door opened I stared in disbelief at who I saw. It was the black guy from the pool. He must have followed them to Hectors room. He was standing completely naked with the better part of a hard on. He was fuckin huge! "Bloody hell! Looks like we've been caught!" he said. "I didn't mean for this to happen. I was on my way to my room when I saw Hector having trouble with holding her up so I offered to help. We got her here and Hector left while I tried to cover her up. She kept throwing the blanket off and finally she reached up and kissed me. I'm sure she didn't know who she was kissing. One thing led to another and the next thing I knew she was begging me to put my dick in her. She pulled out my cock and started pushing it in the entrance of her pussy. She is fuckin beautiful and I was so horny that I started pushing forward until I had it all the way in her, which was no easy task I promise you. I bet you want to hit me don't you?" I didn't know what to say. I knew that even if I did want to hit this guy he would probably kill me. "No, I'm not mad. I'm sure you already knew that if I was going to be mad it would have happen when you fingered her by the pool." I said. "Good, I was worried you might be mad about this though. I didn't plan on this happening and I didn't really fuck her for very long. I was already extremely turned on from the pool activities. I spent most of my time trying to get it in. Fuck she's tight!" he exclaimed. I said," Fuck, you're huge!" I think he noticed that I could hardly take my eyes off of it. "I know this might sound kind of wierd but I would have liked to see her trying to take all of you." I said nervously. "Try bloody hell! She took it like a pro!" he said. "Would you like to see her take it?" he asked. He already knew the answer before I nodded. I think my tented shorts was the sign he was looking for!

Without saying another word, the black man walked over to the bed and climbed onto the matress and positioned himself between Joy's legs. He started rubbing the head of his semi-/hard/hard-cock/">hard cock between Joy's swollen /pussy/chubby-pussy/">chubby pussy lips, getting the head of his giant fuckstick slimy with the gushing cum that was coming out of her. She started to wake without opening her eyes. I could hear that low familiar moan emitting from inside her. It wasn't long before he started to get hard. He continued until he was rock hard. My god! he must have been as big as my forearm. I have read alot of erotic stories and in almost all of the stories every guy has a the biggest dick that the person has ever seen. It is sometimes redundant. Maybe it was just ironic that everyone Joy has played with since we have been in Cancun has had a bigger dick than mine. I asuure you, the stories I'm writing are completely true. This guy was fuckin huge! I would have probably told him no if I didn't know he had already been inside her. This thing looked like it could tear her pussy hole!

He started to slide the head, which was the smallest part of his dick, into Joy. She responded by spreading and slightly lifting her legs off of the mattress. He pushed forward but it didn't seem to go anywhere. As he applied more of his body weight on her, it just kind of "popped" inside of her. She gasped and opened her eyes. She grabbed his shoulders and gripped him tight. He slowly pushed forward until that whole monster was inside of her. She pulled him to her and began passionatley kissing him. He withdrew and as he did I could see his cock covered with the mixed film of both of their juices. He began pumping her slowly, in and out. He turned to me and said," Fuck she's tight. It's not going to take me very long." Within seconds of him saying that, Joy started to heave and moan loudly. I knew she was having a great orgasm. At almost the same time, The black guy, who's name I still never caught, thrust his hips forward hard, tightening his butt cheeks and growling loudly, almost sounding like he was either angry or the pressure of Joy's pussy was hurting his dick. They were both coming at the same time! He pumped every last ounce into her and then let the weight of his body fall down on her. They lay there kissing softly as his /balls/ball-cock/cock-and-balls/">cock and balls continued to twitch the remainder of his manhood deep into her. When he pulled out the was this sound like removing a suction cup from glass. Her legs fell to the bed and she just lay ther with a grin, cum leaking out of her like a bubbling brook. 

The black guy stood up and put his trunks back on. He walked over to me and held out his hand and said," Hello, I'm Michael" We both laughed and I introduced myself. "I gotta run, hope to see you guy again. I'll be here all week." Michael said as he walked out the door and dissappeared. As I watched him walk away I noticed that we had left the door opened the whole time and Hector had been watching from the doorway. "Wow. You two seem to be having a great vacation." he said. "This kinda freaks me out," I said, "She has never been like this at home, not that I'm complaining.". "Hey, what happens in Mexico, stays in Mexico!" he said with a smile. "I only wish I could have joined in the festivities." he said with a subtle frown. " Well then get your ass over here so we can finish what we started before I passed out on you earlier!" a voice came from behind us. Joy had been listening and as we both looked over at her she was smiling with her eyes still closed. Hector looked at me as if to see if it was ok and I gave him the nod of approval. Hector closed the door and stripped out of his clothes. He was a little fatter with his clothes off than he had looked before. It was kinda funny when I saw him walk naked over towards the bed. He was almost the same body proportion as Joy except that he was much more hairy.(grin) His dick looked pretty small, but it was still soft and very brown. I figured he was going to have trouble feeling anything after Michael had his monster in her, but it was obvious that wasn't what either of them had in mind. He went blowjob porn videos straight to the head of the bed and kneeled near Joys face. She took his soft cock greedily into her mouth. I assumed that this is what they started earlier when Joy passed out. She loves it when you put your cock in her mouth soft and she just hold it ther slightly sucking as it gets hard into her throat. She sucked him for a couple of minutes and then I heard him whisperto her," Do what you were doing earlier.". She reached one hand up and began cupping his balls. His balls were huge, almost bigger than his dick. She reached her other hand around and started rubbing the outside of his asshole with her finger. He moaned with approval. They kept doing this for several minutes. Joy stopped sucking him to whisper something to him that I couldn't heat. That was the first time I got a good look at his hard cock. It was a couple inches shorter than mine and maybe a little thicker. He stood up on his knees and turned around facing his ass towards her. Once again, I saw her do something that I had never seen her do. She was lightly licking his asshole with her tongue while she had one hand reaching around pumping his cock and the othe arm wrapped tightly around his fat belly. After a few minutes, she started to really lick his browneye. He was moaning loudly and pressing his ass down on her face, almost completely sitting on her face, jamming her tongue in his ass. He stopped suddenly and spun around and inserted his hard cock in her mouth, forcing his body weight on her face. He let out an extremely loud moan and I knew he was cumming. Joy gripped his ass cheeks with both hands pulling him into her throat as far as she could. He emptied his sack into her throat and when he tried to pull away, she held him there. She was sucking everything she could get out of his cock. His body started to shake uncontrolably and he finally could take no more. He pulled away, out of breath. They both looked at each other and laughed outload as she wiped the excess cum from the corners of her mouth and licked her fingers. "You know, I think I kinda like chubby guys." she said. Hector was still catching his breath but managed to get out the words, "Anytime you want to play, just let me know!". 

I looked over at Hectors clock and saw that it was getting late and since neither of us had eaten, I thought maybe we should get some food in us. Joy agreed. Joy did her best to get dressed into her suit bottoms without falling over. Hector thanked us and we headed for our room. I think Joy had gotten over her shyness of being topless. She almost seemed proud of her nakedness as she walked, no matter who was looking. I was so proud of her!

We got to our room and decided to stay in for the rest of the night so I oredered some room service and opened the large window so we could see the moon on the water and hear the surf. I turned on the tv and we channel surfed while we waited on our food. Joy was still a little drunk because as we talked she was still slurring some words. We found a channel that showed a couple just starting to have sex. We found out later that in Cancun they have a couple of XXX channels that run 24 / 7. We watched as we lay on the bed and Joy started rubbing my now hard cock through my shorts. "You havn't gotten enough yet?" I said as I smiled at her. She said, "I haven't really taken care of my baby yet! Besides, I don't know what has gotten into me today!". I said, "I do.". We both laughed. 

The knock at the door signaled the arrival of our dinner. I went over and opened the door and saw a young kid, maybe 18 or 19 years old, standing there with a tray in each hand. He was dressed in a pure white uniform. He looked like a staff member from the "/boat/love-boat/">love boat". I grabbed one of the trays since he looked like he was having trouble balancing them both and told him I'd be right back to get the other. As I walked past the bed to the table to set the first tray down, I looked over at Joy and she seemed mezmerized by the two people fucking on the tv. She had a t-shirt on and had it pulled up over her tits exposing her /tits/pussy-tits/pussy-and-tits/">pussy and tits with now rock /nipples/hard-nipples/">hard nipples. She was rubbing her clit gently with her right index finger. As I set the tray down I heard her say from behind me, "Come on in, don't be shy!" Once again, she had kinda put me in shock. Who was this woman and what had she done with Joy? I turned to see this young mexican guy enter our room and gasp at what he saw. His eyes looked like they might pop out his head. "Well, put that tray down and get over here and get your tip!" Joy said as she spread her legs further. The young guy almost dumped the tray getting it to the table. I went over to close the door and no longer than it took me to walk to the door and back, he had taken his dick out and climbed on top of joy and was just putting it in her. He didn't even take his pants down, just unfastened them and undid his zipper. I love the look on Joy's face at the moment a cock enters her. Her head drops back and her mouth opens up slightly and her eyes close. It's very erotic. 

Well the room service guy didn't last very long, maybe five minutes. He came and didn't waste any time getting out of our room after he thanked Joy. As I shut the door behind him, I turned to look at Joy. She was smiling a very devilish grin. I stripped my shorts off and climbed sideways on her so I could play with her clit while I fucked her. I fucked her and rubbed her clit for just a couple of minutes before she had an earthshattering orgasm. I exploded shortly after and added my deposit to the rest of the fluid mix inside her. "You've been a /girl/naughty-girl/">naughty girl today." I said through smiling teeth. "I know," she smiled back. We ate our dinner in silence while we watched several couples fuck on tv and fell asleep naked in each others arms wondering what the next day would bring. It felt like a dream.