Nervious Scared Excited

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Nervious Scared Excited

[Ive read these stories for a long time now, and played with my self all the while. But now I can join in, and I thought Id share.]

Nervious, /scared/">scared, Excited

Ive always been pretty shy around boys. I have a very big personallity, but I just get too nervious when it comes to sex. I am a really small girl, only 5 1" tall, and am 105 lbs. I have orengish/red hair that comes down to my shoulders and hazzel eyes. I dont have anything to brag about for boobs, Im only a 34a. I have very light skin. I tried tanning with my friends, but all I do is get burnt.

It all happened when my family was going back to the United States for my cousin Wills wedding. My dad is in the Navy and we live in Japan. We got to my aunt and uncles house and did all the usual hugs and kisses to all the other family, grandparents, cousins, other aunts and uncles and what not, but my cousin Jake, Wills younger brother didnt give me a hug or anything, just said hi and walked away. I felt kinda /bad/">bad cause when my family would go out and visit, we were always to two getting in trouble when we were younger.

After dinner, I went upstairs to his room. xxx sex video download free com I figured he like to play x-box, so Id try to play with him. I got to his room and his door was locked. When I knocked, he just said "go away". I remembered his room was easy to get into from outside so I climbed out the window, and as quietly as I could, creeped to his window. I peeked around the window and looked in. He was laying on the bed jerking his dick with something, I looked closer and it was a pair of my panties. I could tell right away cause they were black with gold glitter writing on them that said Princess. I watched him till he finished, I know how bad it is, but I was actually alittle turned on from watching him. He stood up and wiped his dick off with my underwear, then threw them under his bed. Id seen a dick or two, my friends flaching eachother or something, but not a hard one, I mean, I have online, in pictures and movies, but this was the first one Id seen for real.

He walked over to the door and went out. I walked back over to my aunts room and climbed back in. I wont lie, I was pretty turned on by that, so I sneaked down the hall to Jakes room, I reached under the bed, and grabed my underwear. When I did, it felt slightly warm, slimmy, and kinda sticky. I actually was touching his stuff. The upstairs bathroom was right across the hall from his room so I hurried in there and locked the door. I layed my panties down on the counter and looked at my hand. I kinda played with his stuff with my fingers for a few seconds. Gosh I was so freaking horny now, I unbuttoned my pants and slid them down with my other hand. I smelled my hand, I couldnt really smell anything, it took me a few minutes to build up the courage, but I said fuck it, why not, and in one quick motion, I pushed my fingers in my mouth. At first all I kept thinking is, this is wrong, I shouldnt be doing this, hes my cousin, but the more I thought about it, the wetter I got. I eventually started feeling around it with my tongue. It tasted so weird. Hehe, by now, I had already started rubbing my clit, just thinking about tasting my cousins semen, I felt so dirty. The more I rubbed, the hornier I got. I grabbed the panties and saw a huge glob of it. I took a deep breath, closed my eyes, then with my tongue, licked it up. It felt gross at first, like when you cough and alittle snot comes up, but it tasted different. I held it in my mouth for a second, then started working my tongue around. It like started melting or something, I was getting close to cumming when sexxxx video ful hd I had an even dirtier thought. I leaned forward, I hessitated for a seconded, then I let alittle drip from my mouth down onto my clit. It was now warm and felt good as it driped down my slit. I wiped as much as I could then started rubbing my clit so fast. Just thinking about his sperm on my pussy drove me over the edge. I had to bite my lip to keep from screaming out. Right when I was almost done, I dont think I was thinking, I leaned forward again, spit another drop on my fingers, and slid them inside me. I was fingering my pussy so fast. It felt so slippery, not like any lotion or spit I used. I cummed again, harder than before, and swallowed the sperm that was in my mouth.

As I started to calm down, all I could think was "that was so wrong, that was dirty, your not suppost to do things like that" but it felt so good. Then I thought about it alittle more. I got scared for a second, I used his stuff inside me. I jumped down and started digging under the sink. I remembered my aunt always had some tampons down there when ever she was expecting family. She was the one who taught me how to use them, but I remembered seeing a douche underthere as well. I finally took a breath of relief when I found it. I started the shower and climbed in, I screwed on the top of the douche and slit it up inside me. I wish I had warmed it up first, but I didnt really care. Once I finished, I started washing off. Gosh I felt dirty, but it felt good.

I got out of the shower and started drying off, staring at the sticky panties infront of me. I started to get kinda horny again, "no, I need to get back down stairs before they wonder why Im taking so long". I slid my bra on and reached down for my panties, then stopped for a second, with a little laugh, I grabed my panties Jake had used, then slid them up. I could feel his sperm sticking to my skin. As I pulled up my pants, I thought "I hope it doesnt show or like leak through." As a joke, I took my other pair of panties and threw them under his bed, lol, see if he notices.

As the evening went on, people started leaving, and I was hornier than ever. If only these people knew I had Jakes sperm on me, its so dirty, ahh, the thought makes me wet. Anywho, my aunt and uncle and /dad/mom-dad/mom-and-dad/">mom and dad all got all of our beds made up. I got the love seat, again, cause I was the smallest. All the adults went upstairs and all of us kids were in the den watching some movie. All night long, I tried to shift, sometimes when I did, I felt my panties rub my clit. Hehe, sneaky, right infront of everyone. Will left, so my brother decided he wanted to go to bed, kicking me and Jake out of the den. Jake walked upstairs and said goodnight as he did. I got in my suitcase and grabed my pjs. just some ,lol, bootie shorts as my brother calls them, and a little t-shirt. I left my used panties on, just thought Id sleep in them.

As I layed there, I couldnt help think if Jake had found my other panties I swiched on him. I got up and went outside. There was a tree that we used to climb to sneak out and in when we were littler. I climbed up it and snuck across the roof to his room. My heart was racing as I peaked in. LOL, low and behold, he was jerking himself with my other panties. I reached in my shorts and started rubbing my panties into my clit. I closed my eyes and started to imagine what it would feel like to actually do it with him. I opened my eyes and looked back at him. He was sitting up staring right at me. I got scared and moved away from the window. "Oh crap, oh crap, oh crap" I thought, then I heared his window up, I just stayed squated there. He poked his head out and like nervious or scared he said, "Sares, what are you doing?" He looked around and then looked back at me, "hurry up, get in here before someone sees you." Turning around I totally didnt think of that, I climbed into his window, and just kinda stood there, embarassed. He had managed to find a towel but it wasnt doing a good job of hiding what he was doing. "What were you doing out there?" he asked me. "I know, I shouldnt have, I just wanted to see." LOL, on the spot and thats all I could think of. He started pacing around and looked back at me, "you not gonna tell are you?" he asked. "If you dont, I wont." I said nervious. He laughed like he was relieved and so did I.

I looked away from him at his bed, my panties were laying right there in the open. He ran over and grabbed them quick. I almost busted out laughing at him, "uh, I, um" was all he could get out. "You know, I dont really care" I said, "everyone does it." I said, thinking not everyone uses their cousins panties but everyone masterbates. "You dont?" he ask. "Actually, it kinda make me..." I said pausing for a second, then I pulled my shorts down alittle, showing him the gold glitter writen Princess on the front. "No Shit!" he said loud, covering his mouth and kinda laughing at his own suprise. "How long have you had those on?" I giggled, "I watched you with them earlier, then when you finished and went down stairs, I snuck back in and grabed them." He laughed, quieter now, "ahh, no wonder, I got scared when they werent there, then I was confused when I saw a different pair."

We both laughed stupidly. He sat down on his bed and his dick pushed threw the opening of the towel. He quickly pulled it down, and looked up at me. "Sorry" he said. "You know, I really dont care. Its not like nobody does it," I said kinda walking around his room. "Ya, but, have you ever, like done it with someone else?" he said so randomly, I almost didnt catch it. "What, masterbate?" I asked trying to sound kinda suprised. "No, well, ya that too, but I mean done it?" My mind was racing, "Well, i have played with my self with Kim acouple times, when wed get on the internet and watch porn, but no, I havent, Done It" I said nerviously. I think I knew what he was saying, but I didnt belive it. Jake kinda looked around and smiled, "You know, you should find someone you trust for your /first-time/">first time, so you dont have to feel scared or anything." I couldnt believe my cousin was giving me sex advice hes in nothing but a towel. "Trust? Like who?" I said trying to sound like I didnt understand what he ment. My mind was thinking dirty thoughts, looking at him, but I kept fighting both ways in my head, its wrong, but Im so horny, hehe, and i trust him. Bad, I know. He smiled and stood up, "Hey Sares, do you trust me?" My mouth dropped open slightly in shock, he actually was trying. I couldnt say anything, finally, I looked around, then back at him. I couldnt help but look at his dick, it was still hard. He then let the towel drop open alittle, it popped right out. I looked back at him. I didnt even say anything, my stomach was knotted up so hard, I couldnt belive it when I felt my head nodding yes. He walked over and stood infront of me, "Do you wanna?" he ask. Gosh I was so scared, but again I shook my head yes.

He smiled at me like he used to, like my /friend/best-friend/">best friend. He took my hand and walked me back over to his bed. I was to fuzzy, I couldnt belive it. He threw his towel, now standing completly naked infront of me, "Now its your turn." He reached over and grabed the bottom of my shirt, he pulled it up kinda quick, but I didnt care, I raised my hands and he slid it off. He paused and stared at me, I felt kinda embarassed, but he just smiled and said "beautiful." I was standing kinda turned to the side, my arms kinda covering myself, he moved them to my sides, and said "Hey, just you and me now, no need to be nervious." It was nice to hear him say that but I was so freaking nervious anyway. He then kneeled down and grabbed my shorts and panties and in one quick pull, slid them all the way down. I felt like I was gonna be sick my stomack was so tight.

Then he lightly pushed my hips, like he wanted me to sit down. I did, then he pushed my shoulders down. He leaned down with me. I could feel his dick brushing against my leg, it made my clit tingle each time it touched. He grined and said, "Ready?" LOL, no, I thought to myself, but he then kissed my neck, then my chest, then my nipple, it sent a tingle up my spine, he kissed my stomach then slid down and pushed my legs apart. I felt his warm breath against my slit then I felt his tongue push against my clit. He didnt even have to search for it, and started licking up and down it. I closed my eyes and just breathed hard. Then I felt his finger push up in me. Again my clit sent a tingle up my spine. I sat up quick and like moaned sudden feeling it. He stopped and said, "Are you ok?" I just bit my lip and nodded. He pushed deeper than I do. I could feel him feeling around. "You said your a virgin?" he ask. "Yes" I managed to get out softly. "Uh, I dont feel that thing, the ahh?" he said trying to think. I knew what he ment cause I felt it break one time when I was using my hair brush handle LOL. "My hymin? I know, I played with my hair brush and I felt it break." I said kinda embarassed. He smiled and said, "Well, thats good. The only girl Ive been with yelled when I broke it, and I felt bad." He laughed kinda in relief. "Wow, your already so wet," he said as he climbed back up ontop of me. My heart was pounding.

Smiling down at me, he asked me in a quiet, calm voice, "You ready?"
Again I nodded. LOL, no sooner that I had nodded, I felt his dick pressed against my slit. He reached down and started rubbing it up and down my slit. Then as he passed over my vagina, he pushed forward. It made me gasp. Just the head was in, and it was bigger than anything I had ever used. He paused, "You sure your ok?" I took a deep breath and reached up and rested my hands on his shoulders. I smiled at him and spread my legs wider for him. He closed his eyes and started to push deeper in me. I closed mine, just feeling him sliding further into me with each second. I could feel the head sliding deeper and deeper, then, he hit my cirvix. My eyes opened suddenly at the feeling of him stretching my pussy like that, Oh my gosh, he was so deep I thought to my self. I never went that deep. He kept pushing like he was trying to push through it. I dug my nails into his back alittle, trying to let him know he wasnt going any deeper. He stopped and held right there. I could feel my pussy like contracting and kinda quivering around his dick. I wondered what it felt like for him. His face looked like he was fighting something, then he relaxed. "Holy crap Sares, your tight" he said kinda laughing. "Is that good" I said in a shaky voice. "Ohh ya," he said as he gave alittle push against my cirvix again, "Its good." Then he pulled back for what seemed like forever, till just the head was still in me, then he quickly pushed back in. My clit went /crazy/">crazy, my whole body tingling, my pussy tightened aroung him. He took a deep breath in and stared intensly at me. I was cumming. I know I was making little moans and noises, but all a remember was the feeling of him inside me.

He laughed again as my orgasm started to go down, "heh, keep that up, I wont last long" he said kinda giggling. Then he pulled back again, and pushed back in. He started to go faster. I felt my g spot building again, tingling each time his dicks head brushed past it. I looked between us, watching his dick go down and disappere inside me, then slide back out, over and over. I looked up at him and he was looking straight out at he wall, he looked so serious. Then he started to go faster and faster. I watched my tummy raise and sink as he pushed in and out of me, then he got really hard, and went even faster. My whole body felt like it was floating. Tingles shooting up and down my spine, I was cumming again. I grabed his shoulders so tight, and I knew my pussy was doing it again to his supper /hard/hard-dick/">hard dick. I was stairing up at him when he looked down at me quickly, he pushed so hard into me. I felt his dick pressed hard against my cirvix, it hurt alittle. It made my cum harder. Then I felt him giving little thrust, staying deep in me.

Then I felt it. A sudden rush of warmth deep inside me, then it got really slippery. I couldnt believe it. He was cumming inside me. I had always wondered what it would feel like, but knew that I could get /pregnant/">pregnant or catch something. I even made a church promise that I would wait to have sex till I was married. LOL, guess I knocked that one right out of the park.

He just stared at me as I felt his dick jump and like pulsate inside me. I could actually feel little spits hitting my inner wall as he released inside me.He let out a huge breath then layed down ontop of me. I was scared. I had thought about a condom before we started, but I was too nervious to think straight. Stupidly, I asked, "Did you cum?" He sat up, and pushed into me again. I could feel he was already starting to shrink back down. "Sorry Sares," he said sounding like he was out of breath. "I wasnt gonna, but it just felt so good." He pulled back and I felt him slide out of me. It was so wet and slippery, I got up quick and walked to the door. As I walked to the door, I felt something warm running down my legs. I cracked it open, looked out, then ran over to the bathroom. That was so stupid, why did he do that? Ahhh, where is the douches? I thought to myself. I couldnt find one. I started the shower and got in. I wiped it all off me, then slid my fingers up in and tried to like scoop it out. I cleaned for a minute then climbed out. Ill just go to the store tomorrow and buy some more.

I snuck back to his room and he was laying in his bed almost asleep. "Did that feel good?" he ask me. I giggled and smiled at him, "it felt great." He just laughed and rolled over. I think he fell asleep right then and there. LOL, stereotypical I guess. I got dressed in mu princess panties and pajamas and went back downstairs. I laid on the love seat for like an hour thinking about it. When I woke up, everyone was already awake and in the dinning room eating breakfast. I walked over to the downstairs bathroom and sat down to pee. When I pulled my panties down, there was a soaked spot. I didnt get it all out and it just was in me all night. I got dressed real quick and ran down to the corner store. I bought like 6 douches and ran back home. I went up stairs and went into the bathroom. I used two. I was so scared. Jake and I went on like normal and pretended like nothing happened. It was really acward

I got back to Japan a week and a half later. I was scared shitless cause I still hadnt had my period. I was only a day or two late, but I was still scared. As soon as we got back on base, I ran to the base minimart and bought 4 different pregnancy test. I was so embarassed buying them but I didnt care. At home, the first test said (-) ahh, what a relief. But then to be sure, I did another. I could have shit my pants when I was a double (--). I started pacing and after like 5 minutes of crying, thinking what would daddy think, I cant, not now, I did the other two. Both negitive. I just had my period like three days ago. Talk about scary, it was light. So every other day I buy a test, so far, all negitive.

As a matter of fact, I just finished telling you, so Im going to go take another test. Honestly, as bad as it would be, it turns me on thinking that some of his cum was still inside me. LOL, Im bad I know. Anyways, this is my story. I hoped you liked it, Ill probably have more later on. See ya, MUAH!!!